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  As a photographer, I check the weather network constantly before I head out to a shoot. I check to see how sunny it’s going to be, how cold, how hot, how windy, if there will be snow, rain, etc. On this day with Richard and Christine, the weather was absolutely PERFECT. IT WAS IDEAL. I was in weather heaven. The thing that made me go “GA-GA” was the light! This is one of my favourite lighting conditions (it’s a toss up between the lighting from this particular shoot, and a glowy sunset evening).On this day it was overcast, and the cloud cover was perfect! There was a blanket of clouds infront of the bright sun that made the light so incredibly even. There were no gross shadows cast all over the place! And most importantly, it was so perfect that the colours in the Palgrave Conservation Area just POPPED because the sun wasn’t BLINDING us and washing everything out. When looking through these pictures, if you think, “Wow! So colourful, the colours are like candy!”… You can thank the clouds! I also want to say a special thanks to Mother Nature for the pretty coating of fresh white snow from the evening before, and thank you the change in temperature that made it almost warm (the day before we were in this “Polar Vortex”, and on this day the weather went to a balmy 1 degree! Whoo!), and lastly, there was NO WIND!

Seriously had a great shoot here, but honestly, that perfect weather was just icing on the cake compared to the time I got to spend with these two lovebirds. Christine and Richard were really awesome to meet and spend time with. I love going to shoot to meet complete strangers, and then leaving an hour and a half later feeling like I was just hanging out with friends! Can’t wait to shoot your wedding this summer – whoo hoo!!

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    Laura, your photography is stunning. As Christine’s aunt (her favourite I’m sure!), you have really captured the personality and beauty of my beautiful niece and her soon to be hubby. Love the photos! See you in June!ReplyCancel