Mary + Matt | Engagement Photos in Guelph Ontario | Woods Engagement In Guelph Ontario

Imagine my inner squeals when Mary and Matt took me to this amazing trail in Guelph. I am not a Guelph-native, so I wasn’t familiar with this trail off Watson Road in Guelph. Now that I know of it, I will be sure to go back for personal doggy walks and a bunch more photo shoots! The long, narrow, tree covered path is just soooo amazing for some drool-inducing depth of field.

If you are looking to take engagement photos in Guelph, Ontario, this is definitely a spot you should consider. Especially if you are looking into having a woods engagement in Guelph, Ontario.
Of course, I always like to suggest to my clients that they pick a place that has significance to them instead of picking locations arbitrarily, so it’s really cute knowing that Mary and Matt picked this place for their photos because Matt actually proposed to Mary at this trail. A storybook location, for sure!

Also, just wanted to throw in here that I am almost booked all my weddings for 2016, but have a few days left open from Oct – Dec 2016, so please send me an email through my contract form here if you want to chat with me about your wedding (be it in Ontario, Canada, or beyond!).



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