Kitchener-Waterloo Family Photo Session – New Home Family Session

If I ever move into a new home with my family… I now know that I’m going to FOR SURE be setting up a photo shoot to take photos in my empty house with a pizza dinner on the floor just like David + Nella and their boys.

What a FUN way to celebrate a milestone moment in a family.


Have you ever seen two brothers that love each other this much? Hashtag best friends.
And hashtag I want pizza.

kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0001kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0002kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0003kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0004kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0005kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0006kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0007kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0008kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0009kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0010kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0011kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0014kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0015kitchenerwaterloofamilyphotography_0016Kitchener-Waterloo Family Photo Session – New Home Family Session

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