Post 1: ‘Goodbye Winter’ | Engaged: Candis and Scott | Listowel Engagement Photos | Winter Engagement Photos Ontario

Here we aaaare! Post 1 of my ‘Goodbye Winter’ Series!
First up to bat we have Candis and Scott. This was a pretty funny day to me. None of us were expecting how DEEP the snow was going to be when we met up for photos. Seriously. It was deep. It took us about 4 times as long to get where ever we were going because we were trudging through the snow that sometimes was up to our thighs.

It’s actually pretty funny that when you look at most of these photos, you can’t/won’t see Scott of Candis’ feet because… they can’t be seen under however many inches and inches of snow they are buried in. Also, I did a lot of “waist-up” photos because I didn’t want them to look footless in all of their photos. 
Some of the shots, Scott and Candis had to be real troopers about getting! For example, the photo of them kind of framed between two twiggy/branchy trees (actually, just that photo above this text), they are in snow up to their hips (which is why I also purposefully don’t have a picture below their waists). It took them quite a bit of work to get to that spot. But, I saw those trees and ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ over how pretty the colours were, and then they said “What the heck, let’s do it!” Way to go, guys! That made my day!You’ll be seeing these two again soon, as I am doing their wedding this summer as well. See you guys again soon!

DID HE ‘PUT A RING ON IT’ RECENTLY? Well, why dontcha pop by my “Contact Me” page and tell me all about it! I’d love to tell you more about my engagement and wedding information too!
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  • These pictures are simply stunning! Amazing what we can capture with our iphones, isn’t it? If you’re interested, I have a little giveaway on my blog right now..ReplyCancel