Post 3: ‘Goodbye Winter’ | Engaged: Aly and Dan | Muskoka Engagement Photography | Lake Rosseau Engagement

We did it, we did it, we really, really did it! 🙂 Day 3 of the ‘Goodbye Winter’ Series will wrap this show up! Let’s end this series in an epic way. I’m thinking… huge rock cliffs with giant icicles hanging off of them?

Yup. Sounds right.

Aly and Dan both live up in the Muskokas – Dan working with his Dad’s company up there trucking large rental equipment, and Aly works at the Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club in admin! You’ll get to see the Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club soon, because their wedding is going to be there in June! Can’t wait to be celebrating by the water with them in just a few short months.

Aly and Dan wanted to take photos in the place they call home. And, since Dan does a lot of driving up north, he had the perfect spot in mind for some photos. Aly had no idea where we were headed (neither did I), but Dan promised it would make some grand photos!

I will say… that it was quite a hike getting up this cliff. When Dan said it was “right by the road”… It was kind of like… up a steep incline,”right by the road” kinda thing. We all had boots (I was lucky enough to be in my snowpants too!) and made the trek up. Dan actually ditched his fancy shoes halfway up the incline and committed to his big boots for the cliff portion of the shoot saying, “Whatever, this is what I look like on most days anyways, so big boots it is!”

And now… I bid Winter “Adieu”! 🙂 Onwards and upwards, Spring shoots, here we come! 
I have some Spring shoots I will be sharing very soon. Make sure to “Like” my Facebook page HERE to be notified when I start posting them (To give you an idea, I’ve got a really fun greenhouse engagement and a very romantic and classy farm engagement up next).

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