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A simple, pretty, no-fuss kind of wedding day.

Something about this day was so nostalgic to me. It could be that I practically grew up in this family’s house every weekend (sometimes on school nights too…shhhh) as Sarah’s sister, Rachel, is a longtime friend of mine. So it was awesome to see their family again and be a part of this whole shebang with the family. But I think there was also something about the heat of the summer that was wonderful. The old church with dimmed lights, windows cracked open, and fans running… seems like one of those timeless moments (or maybe I am feeling a little too romantical this morning).  The simplicity of this day was something out of a story book as they said their ‘I DO’s’ in front of their loved ones, and then had a good, hearty buffet lunch in the heat of the summer together.

I was also spoiled by being able to play with some camera equipment on this day, as Sarah’s older brother is also an avid photographer. Jason, that 85mm is a DREAM. Thanks for letting me play!
In case you are curious (most of the photos from the beginning up to Sarah and Josh by the tree/fountain are with Jason’s lenses… then from Sarah and Josh by the willow/lakefront to the end are my lenses).


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  • Shirley DeWalle Idzerda

    Beautiful!! I can’t wait to see them all! You captured it perfectly Laura!!!

  • Rachel Idzerda

    Love them! You really worked with the simplicity of it and made sure to capture all the little details!ReplyCancel